Visual Arts Marketing

Glenda Boone has established herself as an accomplished author, successful business owner, proficient brand manager and a muse to Pastors, Artists and Business Owners across the country. Currently, Glenda serves as an Online Marketing and Brand Management Consultant that helps Business Owners and Faith-Based Initiatives develop, manage and monetize their brands.  Glenda's focus is to increase her clients' revenues, decrease their expenses and expand their member and or customer bases.  Glenda accomplishes these goals using out of the box traditional marketing and incorporating digital marketing mindsets and strategies. 

Ms. Boone, well-known by African American Artists as “Madam General,” is most noted for being the first African American female to establish an In-Home Direct Sales Art  Marketing firm that marketed the works of hundreds of contemporary  African  American Artists.  Also,  she  was the founder of one of the most successful art shows held in the US, The Black Heritage Art Show, and the first to transform an art  show from brick and mortar setting into a virtual platform.


Church Marketing

While Visual Arts are her passion, Glenda has also faithfully served in the field of Church administration and marketing for more than 20 years. Working under the leadership of some of the most notable Church pastors and teachers in the United States including the Rev. Dr. Raphael G. Warnock, Historic Ebenezer Baptist Church, the spiritual home of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.  in Atlanta, Georgia; Bishop Walter S. Thomas,  Senior Pastor of New Psalmist Baptist Church in Baltimore, Maryland and Dr. Brad Ronnell Braxton, former pastor of the Riverside Church, New York City. 

Her vast knowledge in this field has enabled her to establish O’ Taste & See Marketing & Productions a brand management and marketing firm that specializes in corporate relationship development with faith-based organizations.   Glenda's focus now is coaching "Social Marketing for Churches" providing online marketing platforms and social media training helping church pastors and staff expand their community outreach and increase donations using Google, Facebook, Instagram and other online marketing platforms. 

 Highlights of her career in this area include:

Online and Direct Sales Marketing

Glenda positioned herself and her company to get ahead of the wave concerning online marketing. Hence, she has developed a stellar reputation as being the "go to" person assisting faith-based organizations, and small business build e-commerce-live stream, youtube, and sales funnel systems allowing them to gain exposure and generate revenue via the internet.  Additionally, Glenda helps
organizations expand their digital presence over traditional marketing channels by using a unique platform that drives high traffic to their websites.

Recognized for being the first African American Female to establish an In-Home Direct Sales Art Marketing firm, thus,  after receiving the experience as a Direct Sales Representative and a Direct Sales Business Owner, Glenda has authored several books and e-courses to help those working in the Direct Sales Industry succeed at their goals.  Specifically, Glenda helps Direct Sales Leaders incorporate digital marketing into their home-based business models. Highlights of her career in this area include:

“I am inspired in my life by helping people get what they want.  I believe if I help enough people get what they want, I can have anything I want."
Hence, What do you want, and how can I, "your muse," help you!

- Glenda Boone

Work Shop Offerings

Many churches are faced with empty buildings 9-5 Monday through Friday, while corporations are meeting and event planners are always looking for cost-effective meeting and conference venues.  Glenda Boone has helped churches transform their Fellowship Halls and Sunday School classrooms into full-service weekday conference, and meeting spaces are generating revenue from areas that would otherwise go unused during the day.  Attendees will learn in the workshop how to: 

Locate and evaluate available space
Build the Infrastructure
Package their   Product
Market their Product


The Internet and social media have taken on a life of its own becoming the number one source business’  and churches are relying on to attract and retain customers and gain new members. Glenda Boone has mastered social media marketing goals and objectives for faith-based organizations, corporate, small and home-based business owners alike.  Her experience includes helping small business owners and religious organizations use SEO/internet marketing to drive sales to event spaces and traffic to their online giving websites.  Further, she has helped small business owners develop their brand's presence online and drive traffic to their platforms to gain, leads, sales and or e-church members , Glenda Boone has acquired the status of an expert in traditional, direct and online marketing strategies.

Glenda’s most requested online marketing workshops include:
Building a Business , Branding You!
This workshop details how to enter the market space by branding  You as well as Your Product or offering, after all, products don't sell themselves!  Attendees of this workshop will learn how to brand themselves and their business to market and sell their products and or services!

Church Marketing on a Shoe String Budget--Get a glimpse of This workshop by viewing  this free 25 min. webinar


Clients & Testimonies

Career Highlights

  • "Fro Fashion Week"  Brand Manager/Producer
  • "2008 Presidential Election-Producer
  • Marketing and Brand Management Conslutant
  • "Glenda Boone has been a blessing to my Direct Sales business, I had NO idea how to implement online marketing strategies, but Glenda's coaching has helped my business tremendously, I highly recommend her services! "
    Ledley Smith
    Traci Lynn Jewelry
  • "As former Executive Pastor of  Historic Ebenezer Baptist Church and Founding Pastor of  The Gathering Baptist Church, , I have had the pleasure of collaborating with Glenda Boone on several projects.  She is a marketing and creative genius, and the passion she places on all of her projects are commendable, to say the least. "
    Shanan E. Jones
    The Gathering Baptist Church 
  • "Glenda's expertise in the fields of church marketing and event production is superb. Glenda has worked on several marketing projects and events with New Psalmist Baptist Church over the years, and I find that Glenda Boone not only does a great job of delivering what she promises,  but her followup is also exceptional.  Our team has no problem calling on Glenda Boone, as the need arises! "
    Bishop Walter S. Thomas
    New Psalmist Baptist Church
  • "I have had numerous opportunities to interact with Glenda Boone professionally and socially.  I found that  Glenda's pleasant disposition, thirst for knowledge and capacity for hard work made her a valuable player on my team when I served as Senior Pastor of  the Douglas Memorial Community Church."
    Dr. Brad R. Braxton
  • " Glenda Boone aka,  Madam General, was the first person who taught me how to value my art.  As a young artist starting out I had no idea how to market my works and extremely limited resources, yet,  Glenda Boone took me under her wing and helped me to create a brand for myself and my works.  I also credit Ms. Boone for her savvy business acumen.  She is truly a blessing in many entrepreneurs lives! "
    Ted T. Ellis
    Visual Artists
  • "Glenda Boone is a Trainer's Trainer!
    Her ability to capture one's attention span is amazing.  Her willingness to help others no matter what their situation is heartfelt. I have never witnessed Glenda turn anyone away if she can't help them, she will find someone who can.  Glenda Boone is a real leader! "
    Michele Molinaro
    Market America

Glenda Boone

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